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Ban OLEK now his name is goaty boi he changed to evade ban
name: his name at the time he did it was OLEK but to try to evade this ban he changed it to goaty boi
steam id: 76561198841419861
reason for the ban: the video bellow clearly shows him saying watch this collateral shot then he shoots two innocent ts in the head and its not in the video but he also kills a t after he knifes him within 5 ft and he often said he was going to kill yousa just for no reason what so ever
proof: this video shows him freekiling two ts

extra: this is my first ban request sorry if i did a sloppy job thanks to Winnie j breakfast and crimson for talking me though the whole thing Heart
First Off thanks for the post.
After looking at the evidence we have decided to give this player a 3d CT ban.

Feel free to add me  and message me if you'd like 1500 credits for your efforts to help our community.

For more information regarding the Credit reward list go to :

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