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#memes and media
Quote:Name/Steam ID: Well my discord CLUBY918

Sourcebans/ctban: memes and media ban

Which Server (e.g JB1): discord

Reason for the ban: shit memes

Banning admin: dont know

Why should you be unbanned: I have been banned for posting shit memes Ill post actual memes (no weeb shit) in there
[Image: 14DtX0s.gif]
Fat L
Shit memes
[Image: tumblr_oh2kgkYRXx1rl68djo1_500.gif]
try to make a funny meme like my indo langues
1/10 I give you -3/10
for your meme
Hello Clubby,

Thanks for taking the time to write this application regarding your dismissal from the '#memes-and-media' text chat on Discord. I understand that there is no official template for the unbanning on Discord; but acknowledge your initiative in using the provided CT unban application. You have also used categories on the template that were irrelevant and not applicable to your application.

Regarding your dismissal Clubby, it has been understood that you were in that channel for a uncomfortable amount of time.

Your actions have given you a temporary suspension until the following year in 2019.

Thank you for your time and efforts,
I hope to not see you again.

This is no good, people are being banned off the discord for not fitting in and not regarding rule breakage.

Worse is people like DeAndre trying to keep there position in Onionzzzz ciricle by supporting the original abuse.

This is not funny, this is admin abuse, admin abuse is never funny and often directed at those who is can harm the most.

Also there is a issue regarding a ban with no admin name listed. There is a clear policy issue that a ban can be issued without a admin name attached. We can only hope that Onionzzz and Hyphen (Head Admins) fix this issue within 7 days.
You miss that this was a public vote and not some internal plot?
Same with when the ban was placed, public vote in the discord #vote-channel, 61 votes for, 7 against.
Are you against democracy now RayRay?
I'm against abuse, which you do on command on behalf of your seniors.

Ivork the man, who has taken 10 steps backwards.

We all want what is good for AUSJB, what is good for it is to encourage personalities and content, not banning those who step outside of the box who did not do something you liked.
Also what is good, is a fair and proper process not based on personal politics.

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