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CT Ban Request: Toxic Mario
Name : Jabroni

Steam ID : 1:1:18714583

Reason for the ban: Free killed me while after I followed his orders to move to the front of my cell.

Evidence :

As you can see from the video, Toxic Mario came right up against my cell and told me to move to the front of my cell. I complied with the orders and first went towards the gate and stopped in full view of him. He then again told me to come to the front of my cell (while he was still up against it), so I started moving forward some more and then was shot on approach. Also, you can clearly see the other T in my cell unloading a clip on him and doesn't seem to notice that?

Not only this, but there was evidence of him being a little trigger happy through other rounds as well.

After reviewing the video he likely shot you as you had not moved all the way to the front of your cell ie up against the bars. Most CTs mean this when asking Ts to go to the front of their cells. As the video was short I cannot tell if this was said prior in the round to go to the front of your cell. So therefore it cannot be seen as a freekill.

Please note that individual freekills are not usually resultant in a CTban and can usually be sorted in-game. Exemptions include where extensive ban histories are present or clearly deliberate freekills.

Thanks anyway,
[Image: b_560x95.png]

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