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Staff Appliacation Public Vs Private
Why are staff application closed to the public?

It has been common for staff admin application to be left open to the public in the pass.
Only in the darkest Longy (anti-christ) days have they been left to admin only view.

There are many reason why they should and shouldn't be left open, but the balance of public interest and openness out weighs all counter-arguments.

It is expected that the admin team treats the average player with respect and not hold separated isolated pocked of admins as this encourage abuse.
It has been noted that the behaviour of admins to players has been in decline, this will be a first step to turning that problem around.
I strongly agree with Raymond in this matter. I'm looking forward to your reply to this encouragement of change, DS admins or managers.
Hi all,

Applications are restricted from public view in order to enable staff to give honest feedback that won't encroach on friendships. Our staff have shown that they are able to differentiate between those with good character and actual staff characteristics. In the past, staff would mention negatives through staff channels anyway, so making the apps public would not necessarily get the desired effect you have outlined.

Should applicants be successful, they are able to view their own applications as they often contain areas to work on.
If unsuccessful, myself or another operator will paraphrase the reasoning, obviously without mentioning exact members the feedback has come from.

Additionally members have in the past expressed a wish to not have their app public as denial or even application can be an embarrassment to them among players depending on their personality.
Why does the average player opinion not count, also the fact that an admin can view all comments after they pass really does take away from the view points that admins don't want there negative comments heard.

This sounds like a few anonymous people, making anonymous comments, effecting anonymous applications which effect us all. Sounds like a dictatorship, one which demands more and more control.

If a admin-wannabe is so easily touched that they feel that publicly listed denied application will embarrass them, how are they going to deal with all the hard and sometimes embarrassing server issues they will face?
I agree with Raymond on this point, it's common for staff applications to be open to the public. But I can also see why it is closed off as well
[Image: 0D9MFYI.png]
Making applications private can also prevent those who fuck around and -1 everything and possibly put a bad imagine on the applicant, and make sure there are trustworthy staff members expressing their thoughts and have a more accurate response.
preb lord
I'm not saying either is a perfect result, but we do believe this is the better one.

Also fun fact, as a "non-for profit organization", like other organizations, we never acknowledged this to be a democracy. Like any major brand, we ultimately decide within ourselves what the best path for success is, and push that way. We do listen to the community to decide this, but no successful company is a fully open democracy with its consumers.
We're private for a reason.. If you want us to do all the work for free and be controlled by rand players, then you're in the wrong place
@PMarton - Thank you for your concern. However I think you should have faith in the player base to have views on these matters, after-all many of the active forum and discord users share the dream of being admin.

@ivork There is some confusion in your comments as you said "non-for profit organization" then "company". If you could be more clear that would help.

@onionzzz - Please try to engage in a more positive manner in the future.

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