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unban me pls
Name/Steam ID: Baxter

Sourcebans/ctban: CTBAN

Which Server (e.g JB1):  JB2

Reason for the ban: Elevator

Banning admin: Moog

Why should you be unbanned: i aint eve nknow it was a rule and he didnt even tell me

pls unban
Pressing the elevator button is not a 'rule' it's the fact that you put the other CT's at a disadvantage and possibly even ruined the round because you pressed the elevator button too soon.

I'll let gracious respond.
Hi Baxter, you were banned for pressing the elevator button early enough on maximum that your fellow CTs were not able to head up, this means that they'd have to wait for the elevator to go up and come back down (which takes a while) before going outside on an open day.

I understand that you had no idea about this, and at the time were laughing about it just prior to the ban as if it weren't a bad thing.

As Onionz said, disadvantaging your CTs is strongly advised against as per the rules and seeing as this is your first CT ban, I'm willing to remove the ban so long as you understand that playing CT means that you're trying to win on CT side, regardless of the context. More specifically for your case, this means not doing things that'll make your team die.

Thanks for responding Baxter, your unban request has been accepted.

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