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Hello I am New
Hi all,

I am new. I am here for the JB (Jailbait I think?)

I don't really understand but I noticed when I joined the server someone got stuck in a smoke grenade? are the physics broken?


P.S. Skylight should be removed from the rotation it's a really bad map.
OML its the kid good to see you around dude.
Skylight will be removed at your request and replaced with jb_hellzgamers
[Image: mTzgO5r.png]
Hi johan <3
Welcome frand!
Aloha Mi Amigo and Welcome
Awesome, hey JJJ :)
I don't agree with this suggestion

!ban @all "lol"

Sorry, your unban request has been denied

Welcome to the Freedom Gamers Community

What's that Wolfman?

sup bb, how u doin
Click here to add me on steam

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