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Unban Me READ BELOW!!!
Hey I was clearing the vents when I ran into gunroom and I heard multiple people coming so I stood behind the door and when they walked in i killed all 6 of them?? Could you unban me or possibly review my case? I think that I was banned for this long because everyone (at least 20 people) All were shouting over the mic "GUNROOM CAMPING!!!" The admin instantly banned me without even reviewing what had happened.

Thank you for your time - AZURE  :angel:
Please use the correct formate.
Also please post in the correct location

Upon further inspection of the demo and a small chat I've decided to reduce the CTBan from 3 days to 1 day under discretion.

Bare in mind that I understand that you probably panicked. Prepping yourself up and looking at the door was not your best interest. You did have other choices from leaving the gun room entirely or holding an angle from the outside of the gun room(by table game control room). That way you are in no way camping the gun room as you're not actually in the gun room which was the big issue.

Accepted but reduced to 1 day.


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