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Remy (STEAM_1:1:444641306 ) | Unban Request
Name: Remy

SteamID or Discord ID: STEAM_1:1:444641306

Type of Ban: CTBan

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Why were you banned?: Dud CT(Major) 3rd Offence: Not in sight of ts, disadvantaging cts

Why should you be unbanned?: I believe I should be unbanned or have a reduced ban due to the inconsistency of the admins ban lengths and reasons.
The banning admin was manager magicsboy a manager since 2018 and only having 318 hours recorded on the server at this current time being a manager I assume you're expected to know the rules same for all other staff now referring to the images it's clear that I apparently am viewed differently to other players and by a person of high power.
This image was taken after this "event" happened on the server which from a sane persons point of view is completely uncalled for if required demo evidence will be published. I only went into disco on wazza turned on a song and came back within 20 seconds probably less and now I'm banned for 14 days if I wasn't slayed the round wouldn't have gone to shit clearly you're just on a trip and you probably forgot about it and now you've banned me like 10 hours later quite unfair and this is an injustice to the players.
Thank you

ROUND 1: Remy has not joined the game yet    
ROUND 2: Remy has not joined the game yet
ROUND 3: Corrupted? goes straight to round 4
ROUND 4: Remy has joined the game at 7:54 and then joins CT he patiently waits for the round to end. This is also the round where it all begins as the CT Aknow ylliw  Begins turning on disco nearly every round from this round, no staff appear to be on 
ROUND 5: Remy patience has finally paid off as he is finally alive on round 5 and becomes warden, he then sends the ts to the slide to do the jump to the light. The round ends with crimson getting lr after winning the FF game with glocks. CT Aknow ylliw did not turn on disco this round, staff has joined
ROUND 6: Aknow ylliw is warden and orders the ts into medic. All the ts then get smoked in medic and all die
ROUND 7: Round 7 starts with Remy being warden once again (a very good one) ordering the Ts to go to maze. The CT Aknow ylliw then turns on disco once again this is also the round where magicsboy has a mental breakdown due to the "bangers playing" in club crime (magicsboy's unmedicated bipolar disorder may have a role to play in this)
ROUND 8: Round 8 begins and Aknow ylliw goes and turns on disco once again, Magicsboy then noclips to disco and tries to find out who turned on disco. CT Twearless then goes and turns off disco (our saviour) sleeps is warden for this round and does the light jump. a rebeller kills 2 CTs warden included Aknow ylliw takes over and orders them to medic they gain an ak and end the round after remy was slain (Remy felt overwhelmed and decided to go on a little stroll and walks to disco and turns his favorite song on he is slain and swapped off for that and CTBanned 9 hours later)
ROUND 9: Cat Snacks is warden and orders them to the gun check zone banner the CTs end up losing that round due to rebellers. Remy messages admin chat but nothing else worth noting 
ROUND 10: Demo corrupted? goes straight to round 13
ROUND 11: Demo corrupted? goes straight to round 13
ROUND 12: Demo corrupted? goes straight to round 13
ROUND 13: Howlzy is warden and orders the Ts into medic, Howlze then gets some Ts to stack the door into maze but due to rebellers with weapons they lose the round
ROUND 14: AKnow ylliw once again turns on disco. Howlzy is warden and orders the Ts into solitary, Howlzy orders the Ts into medic then out to race, Remy is freekilled on the way there as he was stuck in a smoke (due to magics disgruntled attitude) he was respawned and the CT got slain. Howlzy orders the Ts to soccer field remy manages to rebel and kill all the CTs (like a boss)
ROUND 15: Remy is killed for coming too far off the gun check zone banner and then leaves. Remy does not return that map
ROUND 16: Remy is no longer on the server
ROUND 17: Remy is no longer on the server

In all of these rounds I did not see Remy "Disadvantaging CTs" at all except where he accidentally kill himselfs
only other thing is where he was hunting rebellers no deliberate acts of "disadvantaging cts"

Aknow ylliw STEAM_1:1:21413892

[Image: unknown.png]
Hi Remy and I guess kiwi now...

Lets take this step by step on the thought process behind your CT ban and what I witnessed throughout the demos I've watched and other factors.

In regards to the inconsistency - You know full well we take players history, hours and experience into consideration when CT banning.  Below we have Ohmega's stats/history as a player versus yours

[Image: th0PW5O.png]

[Image: Py3NkCV.png]


[Image: KrK1XL0.png]

[Image: 3rfTS6v.png]

As you can see the comparisons aren't at all the same, but ill break it down for everyone. Ohmega has 1 CT which is the going out of sight of Ts ban, so in which when zackie was looking at banning ohmega, ohmega in actual fact had 0 CT bans. He has a total of 0 warns and 3 blocks. You on the other hand Just came off your most recent CT ban 8-9 days ago, 4 CT bans as your history, 36 total blocks, Nearly TRIPLE the hours ohmega has and also the experience of being an ex moderator. Also other things to consider which conveniently left out of context is the fact that over the past couple of days and even in the Wazza demo, weird... I counted 5 Times you went out of sight of Ts alone in the Wazza demo, you went to disco twice (once to die by the disco ball, and the other to turn on disco), went outside a few times NOT to hunt rebellers but infact attempt the slide to light jump which you failed and had to get medic so then you were in a spot that the Ts could be sent to, you were on the roof when there were no rebellers for whatever reason another round and Lastly you were chilling on the showers cat walk breaking glass as CTs were dying in the cell area.

Interesting that this was all left out but when in fact I watched the demo i noted all this down. Not to mention the fact that you had been doing a lot of shit to disadvantage CTs on other maps before and after the Wazza incident. Now a 14 day EVEN with your history considered for going out of sight of Ts constantly, may be quite harsh, infact id agree that its extremely harsh. However to add reason as to why the CT ban came in so late is that we had to have a discussion about your history since getting unbanned on CT and what you had been up to. Ill list some of them off for you

- Constantly going out of sight of Ts to disadvantage the CT team (well duh) but not just on Wazza
- Killing a T that had LR with a bumpmine
- Killing a fellow CT with a bumpmine (this could of gotten you a ban by itself)

Now with that all in consideration adding to the fact that you clearly are being malicious as a CT to ruin other peoples days - and after the Manager said to stop turning on the disco music for no reason you proceeded to still turn it on, I think the 14 day CT ban is absolutely fair enough as it wasn't a ban just for an isolated incident but more so for a lot of malicious shit you have been doing over the past couple of days.

Now moving onto the other CT 'Aknow ylliW' 2 of those clips that you posted Kiwi are before Magics even joined for starters, secondly lets consider the players stats

[Image: quYn51D.png]

[Image: eIyi7qO.png]

1 CT ban for CT team killing, 12 blocks and 3 warns with only 216 hours. Hes not exactly the most innocent CT however I'd say his intent to turn on the music is more because he wanted to listen to the music not to specifically go out of his way to disobey staff and turn it on (besides the last round he turned it on), like you Remy. I have CT banned him however as it was causing a constant disruption to rounds prior to staff joining that it warrants a CT ban however once again considering his history its his 1st major dud, ill be only giving him a 3 day ban.

To sum up - being on CT is a privilege - you act like a fuckwit you will lose the privilege to be a CT, you constantly disadvantage CTs/Ts as a CT with malicious intent to make your experience better but for a worse experience for others - you will lose the the privilege to be a CT. You weren't banned because Magics was on some kind of power trip - infact quite the opposite as he brought the discussion to Snr+ and we got the insights from many other staff on the shit you have been doing. We as a staff team green lit Magics to CT ban you as we feel by the overwhelming evidence its a justified ban, But even if magics hand discussed with us all I would still trust his judgement as his experience bands over 6 communities - he may not have that many hours on this JB community but he has easily thousands of more hours than You (Remy) and I combined. 

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.



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