Poll: How mentally Retarded are you?
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1 - I am not mentally retarded and dont engage, or feel engaged by this community
2 6.25%
2 - I am ever so slightly mentally retarded, and ever so slightly engage/feel engaged by this community
1 3.13%
3- I can be fucked writing this shit again
2 6.25%
4- see above
0 0%
5- see above but like better
2 6.25%
6- ^
0 0%
7- fuck you gay cunt
6 18.75%
8- we need more players like raymond to connect the community
8 25.00%
9- yes we should legalise marjuana
6 18.75%
10- I am Tobiia and Apender, I am great at engaging with the community
5 15.63%
Total 32 vote(s) 100%
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Rate the Current state of DS
hello gus,

as a part of my year 9 math assignment (maths, ew!) i must analize data from surveys. I have decided to use my favourite community and game, 'Dumbassination Servers' and "Cunters Strife: Glowingballs Orepheus" as the main source of my raw data.

Please rate the current state of 'Dumbassination Servers' on a scale of 1-10 based on how it entertains you personally. This is a reflection on the community as a whole, not just jailbreak (Think, how have you been engaged by other members of the community, who do you think connects the most with members, why is BigDucky always abvusing admin? Should Covid Tourneys be more frequent, but still a rare occurence. What other community events should be planned? Simple stuff like that).

Please assume provide data on the assumption that 1 = "This gay shit was never fun" and 10 = "The stimulation this community gives my brain is the equivalent of giving head to Pastor John in the confessional booth when I was 7 years old on 3/07/1998"

Please be genuine in your antswers, as I need it for my assinment and dont want outliers.\

It would also be knice if yo could provide some feedback on ways the server could be improved, as im sure management and anyone who doesnt matter would love to hear your stupid fucking opinion.

I will leak the res- I mean i will release the results in one week.

Melvin Gregory


i forgot to include the dead meme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMFj8uDubsE
Best of luck with your maths assignment, I would also like to comment on this because I was mentioned in the post in a way that I believe is inaccurate.

I have never before this moment, and never will admin abuse.

can’t wait to see the results!!
[Image: b_560x95.png]
how do i retract my vote?
(16-11-2021, 07:59 PM)angelo Wrote: how do i retract my vote?

you cant >Smile
(16-11-2021, 08:00 PM)Pedro Wrote:
(16-11-2021, 07:59 PM)angelo Wrote: how do i retract my vote?

you cant >Smile

dang it Sad
State of DS smh
Hey Pedro,

great post! few ideas for you that could engage the community more possibly start by reforming, then applying for staff (without leaving moments before being accepted) and engage the community with more events and fun games  Cool
For Scotland!
I am reforming so I can apply for OPERATER so I can overule gean!
i just want to play JB  Undecided

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