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Admin abuse,
Reason: Misusing his staff powers. He misused his powers to contact me for something unrelated to game, He was also dead.


So.. Pretty much, I was having a great night playing some domation servers, Then out of the blue! *BANG BOOM* a admin (Moose) Messages my admin chat! Why you may ask? Because "I have a shitty mic",  nothing related or relevant to what he's (extra pronouns-furry-they-loser-helicopter-scumbag-abuser) Just some pronouns moose might use, Back to the problem at hand! Moose (Nazi abuser that got admin WAY to fast) Contacts me for no reason misusing and abusing his staff powers, No one else could contact me during game? So why should moose be able to, It also had nothing to do with the task at hand? i was waring cts i was chasing behind them, Then with anger and frustration that someone (moose admin loser) misused there power i say abuse! With other words and very loudly but thats not the point! Moose is a dumb reckless admin that is terrible at his job, With nazi mutes, Doesn't know how to banned a ct probably, He permed a guy on accident (admins should make accidents) 

You need to get you're staff in line!
Kind regards,
Angry and fumming wink >Sad
Discord: Wink#8110
Contact if you need anything
Nice meme.

[Image: b_560x95.png]
Keep this shit up you gonna find yourself banned again

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