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Alice Springs Jailbreak Map!
Hello all, it is me John.Leburgen112 (yert!). I yert have drop out of school to become a full time jb mapper. I have yet to create or even start but I am looking forward and keen for what is ahead of me on this journey. I will be starting the map this friday, if anyone would like to help please just respond. This will be one of the most anticipated maps of all time!
As I have had problems trying to attach the blueprint of my JB map I will be posting it to maps text channel on the domination servers discord and I am sure the admins will pin it for people to locate easier! 
To also help with the blueprint I will be on a voice call on Friday streaming my map development, if you'd like to be a part of something big and even the possibility of your own secrets on the map, please attend this meeting on friday night!
hello yert,

this is very interesting and i myself will attend this stream on friday and hope to see great things.

from your fellow jailbreaker,
hello yert, 

i have no idea how to map but i would like to contribute ideas and will be attending the important meeting on friday.

from another fellow jailbreaker,
Hello Yert!

I’m looking forward to this map and seeing you in the irl jailbreak in Alice springs. And I will be there for that meeting Friday night.
lets go
Sadly, I will have to post-pone the yert map seminar as I am attending my mums funeral tonight, a real pain in the backside, and am going to a party tomorrow, sorry for people anticipating this meeting!
This is truly the saddest moment in DS history.
sorry to hear that  yert

SO, everyone, the time has finally come, I, John Leburgen(112), am graduating year 10 tomorrow and leaving school forever to become a full-time reformed mapper and staff for jailbreak, magics will be announcing in #annoucements about this soon. 
Because of this, I will be hosting the second seminar Friday night, so please come celebrate my year 10 graduation on the 19th and have a blast and everything is going on my tab!

Any questions please contact the event organisers 
Angelo, Smucc!, Petermartion and Badank (Ethan!)

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