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kato (kato#8899) | Unban Request
Name: kato

SteamID or Discord ID: kato#8899

Type of Ban: Discord

Which Server?: Discord

Why were you banned?: Because of the photo, I leaked in the discord of MS.

Why should you be unbanned?: (Separate Appeal) I did get un server banned from my prior actions and appeal so now I am making/told to make a new appeal to get un discord banned I want to be unbanned due to the fact that I am reformed and even if I get unbanned I won't even speak in any vc or tc you can give me mute role if you want I just want to be in the discord to see announcements and server status bot I won't start stuff with anyone like how I used to as I have matured so at the end of thee day its your guys choice.


Dont be dumb.

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