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kato (kato#8899) | Unban Request
Name: kato

SteamID or Discord ID: kato#8899

Type of Ban: Server

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Why were you banned?: Was banned for leaking a photo of leaking ms.

Why should you be unbanned?: Because I have spent time on myself to reform and not be a dck head and change the way I act mature and my general personality realizing what I posted an image of in the discord was wrong and improving off that I decided to take some time off improving myself and I think I deserve a second chance just like everybody wondering if you admins know where I'm coming from? (also banned from ds discord)

Hi moey,

I’ve decided to unban you, on the conditions that nothing like this ever happens again, taking part in anything like this again will be a permanent ban from the community, most likely without and appeal.
(Make another unban for the discord please)Smile

Ps: don’t be a pain


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