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xenro (STEAM_1:0:554836730) | Unban Request
Name: xenro

SteamID or Discord ID: STEAM_1:0:554836730

Type of Ban: Server

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Why were you banned?: i was banned for cheating (bhop scrips) on my alt and then when i switched to my main to play legit i got a ban for having a duplicate accounts. i wasn't banned on my alt then switched so it wasn't really ban evading but that doesn't matter

Why should you be unbanned?: i would like to be un banned as i am no longer a cheater and would like to come and play properly, i miss playing jail break and the nice community of people you have. iv waited another 2 months to get un banned and have already waited 4 months just to have another opportunity for my request. as you can see I'm very persistent in getting unbanned i don't think someone who's gonna cheat again would wait 6months long to get un banned and then cheat to get banned again. i have learned from my mistakes and promise to do better and i will do better. i personally believe in seconds chances and hope you can see that i have changed.

also i got banned form your discord when my discord was hacked i think i was probably kicked for spam and if i do get un game banned then it would mean a lot if you can unban me on discord too so i may be apart of the community xenro#9399

-xenro a changed man

Hello xenro,

The account you have listed us has been unbanned. if you are caught cheating on our server we will not hesitate to re-ban you and keep it that way. your '007' account will stay banned. do not try to join the server while logged into it. If you wish to be unbanned from the discord please make another un-ban request with the correct information filled out. Cheers



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