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Player mutes
This thread is about players initiating votes on other players.

First off why are bans and mutes made, to stop annoying players from being annoying and doing stuff like micspamming, massfreekilling, hacking, cheating and other acts that reduce enjoyment of playing the server.

Referring to the first point I personally feel like that there should be a feature that allows for players to create a vote on whether a player should get muted. This would be different to trusted's old mute feature in that it would also be used to mute just annoying players, namely for example autoclicking, old mane, children, quaddeh and any other players that reduce the player experience which would be justified if the first point is true as if the majority of the server believes that a player should be muted for making their experience worse then the player should be muted. This is the basis for mutes and bans and should be implemented as a feature for playing to democratically decide if a player should be muted. 

Some drawbacks are:
 - That it would be abused
        On the contrary it would be used not abused, to mute the players who are most annoying in the               
        community and make the experience better for everyone else, just like if someone was delaying               
        lr for 10 minutes they would get banned/slayed to make the community experience better so why             
        wouldn't an annoying player deserve a mute.

 Thats it, its a perfect idea that could never fail, admins please seriously consider this, some players just ruin servers because they are so unbearable that when I their name is seen I just leave, I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Cheers dogs.
Considering the playerbase it would get abused the fuck out of, in my opinion unless they are micspamming or talking over the warden being considered annoying isn't a good reason to be muted. I'd advise you to just click on the persons name and mute them manually.
[Image: b_560x95.png]
Add !voteslay back for trusteds
Anyone can apply for trusted.

There's a reason it's a trusted feature and if you feel so strongly about it then feel free to apply.
shut the fuck up *shoots you inthe head with a gun and you die of bulelt shot in your head realated injuries*  Smile
how do u apply
i love to micspam
(11-10-2021, 12:42 PM)Mrkz Wrote: how do u apply

For trusted:
[Image: b_560x95.png]
(11-10-2021, 12:42 PM)Mrkz Wrote: how do u apply

login to the portal and create an application
For Scotland!
Personally I don’t see this working out, to many ways to abuse it etc.

Going to close this as all productive discussions has been had Smile

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