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Map Rotation times
Creating this to continue cardboards thread on map rotation times since wink got it closed. Would like to hear what higher upd have to think and any ideas on how expand the maps played.

One suggestion I have is perhaps giving bonus credits somehow for underplayed maps idk.
maps are underplayed for a reason Big Grin
but an an actual fix would be to increase the maps until rotation again and shorten the game timer of a map, should equal out the irl time for a map to come back in rotation but more maps in between, 90% of maps get stale after 25 mins of gameplay anyways. fast paced society moment
Just stop nominating overplayed maps and vote for consignment 

Also put canyonbam in the rotation
Don't listen to the guy above, Always vote either los_angeles_v7, maximum, or skylight. Wink
The problem is - once a newish map or an underplayed map is on, it only takes one shit round of wardens for people wanting to RTV; as Staff we need to reimplement the fact if you dont know the map you should be on T but because there are so many newer players who havent really played the map it will lead to very high T to CT ratio and then same issue of shit rounds will occur. Also some of the newer maps are big like alcatraz but people dont know the games or how to quickly get people to them so it takes forever for the Ts to do anything except go to map banner then go somewhere else and so on.

There are some massively underplayed GOOD maps like Industry, consignment, Stronghold (even though its big), Dom and kibblet are good too, but are underplayed or RTV'd straight away.

Could look at removing RTV but that'd create more issues than fixing the one.

Increasing the map time rotation could be fine but once again other issues of - "because certain maps have already been played, I'm not going to play the server until they are back on the rotation timer" - which will result in less players and a shit experience as JB is way more fun with a full server vs a half full one.

The Map rotation used to be so much worse over a year ago until nominate was removed and the map rotation timer was increased - i personally think the map rotation timer is at a good spot, theres just a culture for players to push the overplayed maps like canyondam, maximum (which is dogshit boring anyways), Revolution and LA. 

Maps like Caye have some issues aka Gunroom but the map games are bloody good - just need to get past the initial cell area and you will be golden. 

What i'd challenge players and even staff would be to try and push to learn the underplayed maps so that when we do get onto them you can warden some fun and interactive rounds because you have learnt the map, whenever i'm on and a new/underplayed map is on ill try and get myself onto CT so i can warden some rounds and show other players some good rounds you can have on the underplayed maps as some of them have incredible obbys/map games.
"Could look at removing RTV but that'd create more issues than fixing the one."

Maybe increase the RTV timer so the map lasts longer.
I don't think increasing the timer for rtv would work, as then 1 bad experience on a bad map (or maybe just bad cts) would mean people would've even vote for a less common map, lest they get stuck on it. The same can be said for removing rtv.

I had an idea which I think is a really good one.

Changing map voting itself. When voting for a new map, there will be 1 sometimes 2 overplayed maps in the voting pool. Maybe 50-60% of players will vote for those maps. Then the other half of players will have their vote divided between like 4 maps. Most people won't mind what out of maybe 3 of those maps is played (assuming 1 of those maps is really shit), but rather that it isn't the overplayed map.

I'm not going to presume how the voting should be changed, as I don't have that much experience. But this idea could be demoed when an admin is on.

Perhaps a prevote where there are 2 categories 'Domination classic', and '*insert name for lesser played maps*'. And then a vote for maps within 1 of those categories. Then just because your not voting for overplayed maps doesn't mean you are about to get that 1 really shit map.
quick solution: add summer back
add in the old maps that were removed so new players can experience the old maps and enjoy more than the same 8 maps being consistantly played

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