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Lightsout Jump to "Toxic spray" catwalk.
Hey all, 

Dustin2k raised a good point earlier today and he isn't the first person speak about this. The jump on Lightsout from back cell area to the toxic spray has no reason not to be banned considering the one on Canyondam is. I believe that either both should be banned, or unban the one on Canyondam as they are both hard jumps.

I spoke with Gean briefly about this and he metioned the playtime on Canyondam is significantly higher than that of Lightsout. Still taking that into account i've played many times when the server is max-pop on lightsout. If the jump does endup getting played, only a very few ammount of T's are able to make the jump to the catwalk. But majourity of the time the CT's regret playing the game cause they feel its "unfair" or "killing too many". The round would then progress after (possibly) several minutes have been wasted on the jump. I wouldnt say that im the best player in the world or anything but i would say that i am an above average bhop/movement player on the server and i believe that the jump on Canyondam is easier than the one on Lightsout considering it only takes a minimum of 2 bhops whereas the one on Lightsout needs an excessive ammount of speed. I can consistently make the jump on Canyondam but its not likewise on Lightsout.

Feel free to speak your mind with a comment on this post to what you think should happen with these jumps.

TL;DR: Ban both Canyondam and Lightsout jumps, or have both the be unbanned.

Ill put my reply from trusted chat here;

its not about the jump difficulty its about the laziness of the warden same example of Italia room jump - it would get played constantly off the 3 round cooldown every time, on italia which has heaps of fucking map games and other creative shit you can do. Its a lazy way to just kill a bunch of Ts and especially for new players its fucking gay and shit - same for the canyondam jump - overplayed and lazy wardening and just boring. With the lightsout map yes its not played as much and its defs a harder jump but the last 5 times ive played lightsout that jump hasnt been played at all and theres a lot of fun games that are played on lightsout. Not to mention it is harder and therefore actually takes some good skill which is fine to do, but dont over do it and become lazy.

People just have this misconception about the jump being too hard and thats why it was banned, nah it was banned cause it was just a shit overplayed boring lazy jump played by shit wardens.

We want to push wardens to come up with new games or play more creative/fun games rather just doing zzz jumps especially on maps that already have a lot of map games anyways
The jump sucks
its not the jump that sucks its the people that cant do it zzzzz
(20-09-2021, 01:05 PM)quaddeh Wrote: its not the jump that sucks its the people that cant do it zzzzz

Which is a very high majority. Usually only like 1 or 2 people make it with the rest of the server getting massied.
shut up seb ur just dogshit
lightsout jump is easy and only requires 500 velocity in an open area to bhop
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