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Artificial_Ace (Artificial_Ace#5238) | Unban Request
Name: Artificial_Ace

SteamID or Discord ID: Artificial_Ace#5238

Type of Ban: CTBan

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Why were you banned?: DUD CT Major - Second Offence - Freekilling Someone who picked up a gun

Why should you be unbanned?: Orders said to kill anyone who had an AK47 so I shot Cardboard who had the AK47.

I've reviewed your ban, it was only a single freekill and it's obvious your intent wasn't malicious. The order about the AK was given while the AK was far away from T's, it was accidentally shot into the crowd when a CT killed a T that held it. Seems to me like you thought they had delayed for it. 

Either way, this would have only resulted in a slay on your end.



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