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slanted (slanted#5046) | Unban Request
Name: slanted

SteamID or Discord ID: slanted#5046

Type of Ban: CTBan

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Why were you banned?: i was shooting on the glass wall and since i am new to the server (and new to csgo) i was unaware that bullets could pass through the seemingly bullet proof glass. i accidentally shot an admin and he banned me before enquiring for the reasoning.

Why should you be unbanned?: because it was an accident and i just unlocked the ct role after grinding for a week (i would like to try it out) and i wont ever do something like this again i hope you accept my apology and consider unbanning me

Hi, slanted,

I've decided not to reduce your ban, as I have spoken to a few staff members that were on and they say you were deliberately shooting and killing ts for "the fun of it" meaning you know what you were doing was wrong, and you continued to do it. your 3-day ban won't be reduced, I ask you to wait this ban out.

I suggest you read the rules and be more careful when on ct side Smile


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