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TTT Rules

1 - General Rules:
01. Use common sense, do not bend rules or find loopholes.
02. No personal attacks.
03. Listen to and obey admins.
04. Cheating, hacking or scripting will result in a ban.
05. Do not exploit in any way.
06. Do not advertise other servers.
07. Porn or gore sprays will not be tolerated.
08. Threatening the server, or any players, with a ddos, dox or any personal threats and you will be permanently banned.
09. Do not ghost or metagame, it undermines the entire gamemode and you will be punished accordingly.
10. Do not delay the round whatever role you are.
11. Do not prop surf to unreachable areas. Messing around is fine.
12. Do not player/prop block or door spam.
13. Names must be readable in the English alphabet.
14. Press F1 in game to learn how to play the basic gamemode. Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the rules.

2 - Innocent Rules:
01. Do not RDM. RDMing (Random Deathmatching) is when you kill or damage someone for an illegitimate reason that is not in accordance with the rules. 
02. Do not traitor bait. Tbaiting is when you purposefully act in way to indicate that you are a traitor when you are not. (e.g. randomly shooting, going into T areas, damaging detectives items,  not identifying bodies etc...)
03. You must give 3 clear warnings for someone to stop following/blocking you before you may take action in killing them. For Following/blocking only! Other warnings are illegitamite.
04. Do not kill AFKs unless you are sure (with evidence, deductive reasoning), that they are the traitor.
05. No forcing players to use a traitor tester.
06. Do not false KOS people.
07. No area claiming, see rule 2-03
08. Do not throw incendiary grenades unless you are sure only traitors will be hurt by it.
09. Do not propkill or proppush.
10. RDMing someone in crossfire still places the blame on you.
11. Blatantly RDMing or other things and you be given extra punishment.

3 - Detective Rules:
01. Detectives do not have any authority other than being proven innocent. (You cannot boss players around under threat of death.)
02. All innocent rules apply to detectives.
03. Do not grief as a detective, there is a game option to turn off being selected if you do not want to be one.
04. If a detective has high suspicion on someone, they may use the golden gun to test them. Do not random guess.

4 - Traitor Rules: 
01. Do not damage, kill, KOS or inhibit your traitor team in anyway. (TVT)
02. If you are killed by another traitors item such as a c4 or a SLAM, it is your own fault. Other items are not.
03. Do not delay the round. If you haven't killed an innocent within 180 seconds of the round start you will be auto-slayed.

5 - Admin and VIP/Trusted Rules: 
01. If you see an admin, VIP or Trusted abusing their powers please post it on the forums with evidence.
02. VIPs/Trusteds using their tag to threaten other players will have it revoked.
03. VIPs/Trusted should not and will not use their votekick/voteban when an admin is on the server.
04. VIPs and Trusted may have their permissions removed, or even their entire role removed if they are caught abusing.
05. Admins must be respectful to all players.
06. Admins must respect the decision of other admins, as well as respecting the rank of other admins whether above or below.
07. Admins abusing powers will not be tolerated and will be punished accordingly.
08. Admins must make decisions/enforce rules objectively, without including any personal issues or past conflicts in their judgement.
09. Admins must not use their powers for personal benefit in-game.
10. Admins must be tolerant with newcomers to our servers and explain the rules clearly.

6 - Legitimate reasons to kill and KOS
01. They are near an unidentified body and they aren't identifying it.
02. You have seen them kill or damage a detective, or another player who has not been called out as a traitor.
03. They are hanging bodies up.
04. They have special traitor equipment.
05. They are in a traitor room.
05. They have been damaging detective equipment/traitor tester.
07. Deductive reason - using your brain. e.g. - they have just left a room where you have discovered an unidentified body. - you are with a detective and a proven innocent and there is only 1 other player alive apart from you. (Remember to be careful... if you are wrong about the circumstances you will be punished for RDM unless they are traitor baiting"
08. They have been KOSed by a player perceived to be innocent.
09. You have evidence such as DNA.
10. They shoot at you.
11. They are flinging props at people randomly (attempted propkill).

7 - Illegitimate reasons to kill and KOS
01. They are using detective equipment.
02. They are acting suspicious.
03. They refuse to use a traitor tester.
04. They are aiming at you.

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