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Make the !toss heads command exceed 10000 credits.
a few years ago you could count on one hand the amount of players who had over 100000 credits (it was only jas8621 and maybe niko and onion?), and it almost unheard of for players to have over a million. 

nowadays many people have over 100000 credits because of the high level vips that get given massive amounts of them out of thin air.

making 10000 credits the maximum throw in the !toss feature made sense in the early days of the server, but now that many people have insane amounts of credits (pretty sure music bot has like 3.5 million or some ridiculous number like that), the maximum toss throw should be extended to 100000 or even higher.

aaanyway doesn't seem like a big game breaking change to me, just adding another 0 to the plugin.

also yeah i know this is another annoying forum post of h0wLze complaining about smthn, but i just feel that if i post about stuff like this in the discord that i think should be different it would just get lost in the sea of shitty memes and whatnot.

if you're going to make it to 100k you might as well make the number to like 5m or something for players to take risks
You're saying that the bet limit should be higher because of how many credits are now in circulation.

There are several reasons why this would cause massive economic implications but I'll just list my main concerns. Consider who has the most credits, likely those who have purchased VIP 6 or have bet recklessly and had a lucrative outcome.

The credit economy currently has a rather inflated but even distribution of rich, wealthy and poor.

At this point, the only thing stopping the rich from becoming ridiculously wealthy is other peoples desire to stay rich. That is, the only reliable way to make a lot of credits is to bet with other rich players (other than buying more credits through more VIP purchases). What this means is that the limit on tossing keeps the economy stable, as everyone that's already rich wants to stay rich and they won't risk their bank account on a less than optimal bet with another player.

The real complication with higher betting limits becomes apparent when considering how it would effect the currency in circulation.

If we consider the hypothetical removal of the tossing limit completely, then this effect can be more easily understood. 

So, consider this, I've just purchased VIP 6, I've got 1.5 million credits to play with. My options of making money are either finding another player to bet with or using the toss command to get a flat 50% chance for doubling my money. The first option doesn't inject any NEW currency into the economy, therefore, there is not chance for inflation and hence the value of the currency remains the same as it was before after the bet is done. The second option DOES inject NEW currency into the economy, the currency is spawned in and I've just doubled my net worth without being reliant on the funds of another player. The first option poses no significant risk to the balance or stability of the economy, while the second option diminishes the value of the currency itself and introduces significant imbalance in the economy. The cause of this imbalance is difficult to explain without graphical reference, but put simply, the rich will get MUCH richer and the poor will remain poor unless the rich give away credits, at which point credits have less value.

Of course, the scenario I've just described is an exaggerated situation as you've only proposed an increase of the cap to 100k. However, the effects of either change is identical with different magnitudes. Any increase in the tossing limit will not only reduce competition, but will disrupt the value of currency and the overall economic stability. 

To summarise:
  • Any increase in the tossing limit will have implications of the economy.
    • The economy will be much less stable, the value of credits will fluctuate significantly after the change for a long time.
    • The economic distribution will be massively disrupted, the rich will be A LOT richer, the poor will be a lot poorer.
      • This is the result of the value of credits crashing as the rich double their money.
  • The aforementioned economic implications will effect the value of the credits obtained through VIP
    • As credits become less valuable, the credits obtained through VIP purchases will have to be increased. 
      • This change will further ruin the economy as the amount will likely not be calculated in relation to the relative current value of the currency, it will just be an amount that entices players to purchase it. Further ruining the economy.
  • Competition between richer players to obtain wealth will be abolished
    • Players will have much less desire to be involved in economical interactions with other players. The fun of money is gone.
  • The Martingale strategy would be much more viable, producing a semi-reliable way for rich players to get richer.
(04-09-2021, 06:19 PM)APender Wrote:  
  • The Martingale strategy would be much more viable, producing a semi-reliable way for rich players to get richer.

Just add like a minute cooldown or something to it, if anyone is that pathetic enough to wait 10 minutes to make 10k credits let them.
Let's also mention that IVORK has 16 million from the current 10k limit lol.

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