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Minimum CT hour requirement
20 to 30 hours? You haven't learned in 1200.
(30-08-2021, 11:34 AM)Raymond Wrote: The required '10 hour' rule was a knee jerk requirement by the admins when CS:GO became free to avoid server hating smurfs (fake accounts) from doing mass freekills after mass freekills, which was previously protected by the cost of the game.

I would argue the opposite and believe decreasing it to '0' would be a better option.
  • The current limit of 10 hours, turns experience wardens/guards from other servers away as they don't want to play through 10 hours of there less preferred position as a prisoner.
  • Players need to learn, as Matt The Cat has said, and the best way is experience through doing it.

I personally agree with this. It used to be this way and I [referred it but it was needed when csgo became free.
You'd be surprised how many players have under 30 hours that play on CT increasing it to 30 hours would be detrimental and as people have said before in this thread it would kill the server because no one wants to be stuck on T for 30 hours
(30-08-2021, 03:56 PM)h0wLze. Wrote: people with less hours on ct are more fun to play against anyway

Adds more chaos tbh. :kekw:
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(09-09-2021, 09:38 AM)Sebastian 'Sbinalla' Vettel Wrote: Fart haha  Smile Smile Smile

Can't believe this is a young adult who can purchase alcohol and drive without a parent
For Scotland!
Closed. Has no valuable input.

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