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Staff Feedback for my boy CoiNz
CoiNz is by far the best trial mod I have seen so far, it may be the experience but he should definitely be put to mod. I haven't seen 1 fuck up from him so far unlike the rest of them. He is genuinely a good staff member and a good person to have a conversation with, he deserves more props then what he gets.
Sucking Coinz’s dick 101
This is definitely dependent on the awesome guidance provided by his mentor, and not his ~8000hrs of jailbreak.

EDIT: You can PM staff feedback to any senior-comop positive or negative.
Obviously good is good, but bad is more helpful to the staff team and eventually community as a whole.
Definitely was IVORK lol.
I just think we all need to be a bit more proactive as staff. A lot of issues arise because communication to the victim is usually 0 so they feel they aren't being listened too.

I do try my best

Ps: Dont discredit new mods, it's a massive jump to being a player to a staff member, theres so many things to learn and trial mod is the first step.
Knowledge is power.
[Image: 21cb208a06.png]

But so far, yes Coinz is doing well :)
the guy doesn't even know how to use the swap team command , +1 rep
remember that 20 man swap on ct on los angeles <3
[Image: tumblr_oh2kgkYRXx1rl68djo1_500.gif]
Remember that time when you slayed all ts cough cough
They always remember the mistakes :)

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