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Poll: Players can join after 45+ players on JB1
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Yes, help grow the player-base.
No, I want sever 2.
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Restrict JB2 Pension
Nah server 1 is better
Hello all,

The poll will be closing today, thank you, everyone, for your contribution.

Server 2 is so nice and calm. 10/10 retirement home.
Deandre, I like your idea. Although s1 can get extremely toxic and loud at times. Personally, s1 gives me some mad headaches sometimes so I go on s2 for a more calm and relaxing experience. I think I prefer how it is.
I disagree deandre, a lot of the players on server 2 play on there mainly because there are less people. I find that sometimes server 1 can be too much, and over bearing when all i want to do is chillout and play some JB so i take a break to play on server 2 (occasionally), many of the other regular server 2 players would agree on this. I do agree that its original purpose was for a backup server when server #1 is full, but with the community growing it has invited different types of players, and often server 2 can provide for those players needs.

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