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xeno (xenro#9399) | Unban Request
Name: xeno

SteamID or Discord ID: xenro#9399

Type of Ban: Server

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Why were you banned?: ''Duplicate account''
i played jailbreak on my other account

Why should you be unbanned?: i has my phone stolen so i couldn't sign into my main account because of the steam guard so i just used my second account to jail break i was unaware i wasn't aloud to do this and now that i know and now i have my new phone and my main account back i wont use my second account to play jail break

Ill clarify this for you, you were banned on an for injected bhop scripts and then when you played on im assuming your main. Our system detected the other account on which you were banned. You werent banned for using an alt, you were banned for cheating and then being linked to the cheating account.

This unban request will be denied.

reapply in 2 months time and Tell the truth for future thanks.


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