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@Chiswell What's the rule on VPNS
Ive been told im ''flagged for using a vpn'' when i havent used one in a while
When i do use a vpn its so i can use netflix to the fullest

Boink and chiswell you're both saying im using a vpn during the times when  ive turned it off

Boink you're just kicking me for it
Chiswell you want me to give you a reason for using a vpn or you're going to ban me.
It's for netflix, not ban evading...

make up your minds can i have one turned on if i have a reason for it or not?
and why mention it now? i havent used one in weeks but if you know ive been using a vpn
why havent you both said anything yet till this point
Dont have VPN when on server. Nuff said when we say you have one on you have one on.

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