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Zithic super immature staff member
Admins name :Zithic

Time of incident :tonight

Evidence :

Details of the incident : It was a talent day zithic said a joke and got voted out (2 yes, 4 no). He decided his talent was the greatest talents and it didnt matter that the judges voted on the joke (which was a very average joke) what mattered was him passing on his own terms. He then was killed and he resd himself and we explained to him that he got voted out by the majority but he didnt care I killed him again and he then slayed me for it and resd himself again. I never make staff complaints but over the months I have noticed zithic could possibly be the worst staff member I have come across on ds servers tons of freeslays tons of being lazy and not ressing t's tons of just being a total twat. He needs a demotion or to be a trial so he can improve better.
No one had won yet retard i literally said it in the clip
(10-06-2021, 12:06 AM)h0wLze (2) Wrote: No one had won yet retard i literally said it in the clip

and? he got heaps of 2's the dog should be put down retard
Spoken to Zithic and explained to him that he should of just stayed dead. However his reasoning behind that you needed to get a winner before killing him is correct. But to not create the confusion and “admin abuse” i told him its better to stay dead. Also weird how two of you vote 2 for him before his talent is even started.


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