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nufty (we do a little trolling#8850) | Unban Request
Name: nufty

SteamID or Discord ID: we do a little trolling#8850

Type of Ban: Discord

Which Server?: Combat Surf

Why were you banned?: Talking about the onion

Why should you be unbanned?: yeah sorry chiswell my trolling was too far, just a little trolling. I was just trying to lighten up the mood by talking about onions and how you an admin of the domination servers jailbreak community keeps on power tripping:
for context mane the who is going to be next mod in the next community "pfg" got slayed because chiswell saw him as a standing threat to his admin power
You can not silence everyone forever #unbanmitan he did nuffin wrong
"I told you to shut the fuck up and you didnt so here we are."
i have shutted up for nearly 3 week please unban me i am terribly sorry

kind regard nufty,

Good clip.


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