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choomah (CHOOMah#9756) | Unban Request
Name: choomah

SteamID or Discord ID: CHOOMah#9756

Type of Ban: Server

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Why were you banned?: ive been banned for doxxing a staff member of domination servers by setting my in game spray as a photo he posted in the domination discord and deleted (approx 10 secs after he posted).

Why should you be unbanned?: Dear staff
I should be unbanned because i have realized that the action i have done is truly bad and it isn't right to post an image of someone on a game and i wouldn't like it if some one did the same action i have done. i completely under stand that this is wrong and i will not break any of the rules of domination servers again, im truly sorry and would like to be part of this fun community again.
from choomah

Nah You can stay banned for a bit more.


Reappeal in 2 months time.

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