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Mitan4E (Mitan4E (mitten)#3470) | Unban Request
Name: Mitan4E

SteamID or Discord ID: Mitan4E (mitten)#3470

Type of Ban: Server

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Why were you banned?: Leaking staff infromation/doxxing/leaking map secrets

Why should you be unbanned?: Hello, It has been over a year since I was originally banned. Over the past year, I have completely changed with regard to my levels of maturity and how I act. Looking back on what I did I am extremely repentant of my acts and I apologise for everything that I did. My acts were close to unforgivable, and I still consider myself lucky to even be able to request an unban. I am sorry. I have completely reformed. I am asking for a chance to prove myself, and hopefully am able to present myself in the DS jailbreak community once again as my newly reformed self.

Regards, Mitan

Been having a chinwag with some up-and-comer higher-ups, who aren't entirely familiar with what exactly you did. I once again appear to shitpost on unban requests to be exactly clear as to what our good friend mitan did.

- Leaked 8 admin applications, which contained the ages (and names, if for some reason they applied and signed off with their own name) of 8 staff members, Just Peter, Cynic, Ooga Booga, Yamato, Zonical, myself, BigDucky and Chiswell.
- Leaked every staff procedure. the Admin Agreement, the protocols for mutes/gags/bans/ctbans, the list of admin commands and the TOGs Jump stats explanation (tells you how admins find out if you are scripting/bhop hacking).
- Leaked a then-recent innovation by then-manager ONIONZZZ, which modifies a {redacted} and allowed him to manipulate {redacted} {redacted}. Basically, ONIONZZZ implemented this and then hours later it was known to the public.
- Coordinated with currently-permabanned player aplicix (some say Mitan's youth was exploited by aplicix to achieve his nefarious ends), Mitan created a document that compiled all of these things (at least, the first two points), and sent it to Aplicix. Aplicix then spread it to various parties, including a certain primate who passed it on to the DS head honchos.
- Mitan was grilled by ONIONZZZ and other higher-ups about this and was let off with only a demotion for what was the largest dox in DS history. Anyway, fast forward a monthish, and he is permed because the document is still being spread (not by Mitan) and the Ivory Tower decides that a perm is now in order.

To my knowledge and to Mitan's credit, he hasn't been caught ban evading. I personally believe that Mitan should be unbanned. He's been banned for what is really one of the longest-standing perms that have been contested to this day, without the creation of any additional reason for the ban to remain, i.e. ban evading. Anyway, I wish the senior admins clarity in their deliberations over this ban.

1. You think I have to listen to you
+1 Literally got forgetten about during the ban wipe, got re-banned after a few days and STILL didn't evade. 

Additional Note: Chiswell's mate.
I am deleting any posts that don't add anything to this discussion and locking it until the SNR team come to a decision. 
Please remember unles you were involved or adding any additional information to an unban appeal do not post in them especially to shitpost.
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