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music vibe 9
I'd also like to make a proper goodbye as I rarely come online anymore and would like to thank those who made my time at DS great as heck. (And to the staff who knew I was 13 and didn't snitch I <3 u)
Thank you Gada for being the best mentor anyone could've ever had
Dugglez funny bloke
Drkittens who actually mentored me
Smucc very funny bloke
Turtle for teaching me Russian those long covid nights
Chiswell funny bloke
Bashful & Dat & Akmal pretty funny
J-money for being a bloke with a funny head
MattTheCat i hate you die
Idk if i missed anyone but cheers for times fella
This will probably be the last ever music vibe post with Domination Servers going to shit. I have a large selection of music I'd like to share. 
Please share your music as well.
Garbage Truck - Sex Bob-omb
Goth Babe- surf curse
Roses - Kayne West
Acid trip - rejjie snow
Apocolypse- cigarettes after sex
Polly- nirvana
Uno - rex orange county
Harness your hopes- pavement
Paradise - Bazzi
broken boy - cage the elaphant
wake up -skeggs
cooler than me - ethan fields
Life time warranty - cyberbully mom club
The end- sisyfuss
Dugglez funny bloke
I'll miss you

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