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How to Conduct a Server Demo Investigation [CREDIT REWARD SYSTEM READ STEP 9 BELOW]
How to conduct a Server Demo Investigation:

Found someone breaking the rules in-game? Do you believe they deserve a report? No admin on? Then this comprehensive tutorial is for you. There are rewards for your efforts  Wink  Keep reading if you are interested.

Step 1: Visit 

Step 2: Choose between Jailbreak # 1 or 2

[Image: unknown.png]

Step 3: Finding your demo

Find the demo you want to investigate and click download. Demos are ordered by oldest to newest so the latest demos are at the bottom.

[Image: unknown.png]

Step 4:  Download your demo
The download demo button should be adjacent to the “map”. It is important to note that there is an update delay for the demos whilst the live server is being recorded by our bot. To save time, I’d suggest for you wait 5-10 minutes after the incident before downloading the demo.   

Step 5:  Placing your demo. 

Use the following or equivalent to your pc and place your demo there.
Quote:D:\Users\Owner\My Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo

Sometimes if the demo fails to run, just rename the file. Personally I rename the demos regardless as shown below to keep my demos in order and to know what I’m looking for, e.g. “1-4” as the score when the incident occurred and “gunplant” to describe the incident. 

[Image: e08ec7a55a.png]

Step 6: Running the demo
Open CSGO normally. Now simply open the console via “`” key.

If you do not have console enabled, enable it via this tutorial:

In the console type:  “playdemo 1-4 attempted gunplant” or whatever you renamed the file to be. Press enter and the demo should begin.

[Image: 9ed2ec8f3f.png]

Step 7: Controlling the demo
Demo Playback menu
Press “Shift + F2” this should bring up the demo playback menu and please “pause” the demo.

[Image: 57c5cef1cf.png]

The menu is self-explanatory but for good measure I’d recommend for you to use the “resume and pause” which is on the top left of the playback menu to freeze and play the demo.

Below the close button (located top right of the playback menu) there are “1/4 , ½ , 1x, 2x,4x” These slow or increase the rate of the demo playback.

Beneath the word “time” there should be a long line; this is basically where you can jump to a specific “tick” or time in the demo. Be very patient and only click once and wait until the playback responds. It tends to crash otherwise.  

Next is the round button, this allows you to skip between rounds. For me I’d keep skipping the round until the score is 1-4. 

Switching to another Ct 

Assuming it was the Ct that caused the incident, you can switch between Cts via keys “1 , 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6, 7, 8, 9 ,0” . It must be highly noted that the demo must be “playing” not “paused” and the playback demo menu must be closed for this work. 

Looking for a specific T

I’d like to thank Anthony for this I quote:

Quote:If you cant spectate a certain person while watching a demo I've found a sneaky command "spec_player_by_name name" Put in console and replace the second name with the person’s full name and you should be good. Make sure you put their entire name or it won’t work.

Step 8: Finding the steam id:

Profile Hunting

This is if you have failed to obtain the steam id in the live servers. Whilst the demo is playing and the demo playback menu is closed. Press “tab” to open the score board and left click the person of interest. Click on his profile and copy his profile link.  

[Image: 664471f3d7.png]

Use  (FYI Onionz made this tool, he will yell at you if you use other tools) and paste their profile to find their steam id

[Image: 3bcfe21453.png]

Step 9: Reporting the incident

Please use the following links appropriate as the templates for your report. 
Ban request: here
Unban request: here
Staff complaints: here

We strongly recommend you record the demo and upload the evidence via Youtube for rewards, as it saves time for staff members to do other things.  

Credit Reward List:
Dud CT- 1500 
Mass Freekill - 2500
CT Smoke - 1500
Freekilling - 1500
CT Teamkilling - 1500
Hacking - 5000
Ban evading- 2500

After you have reviewed the demo and you are sure a rule has been broken, I’d recommend in the evidence section you state the following the time, tick and round the event had occurred.

[Image: 87b15abaa2.png]

And also the Date and time  

[Image: 81baacfa90.png]

You may need to upload the server demo via or other file sharing services as demos only last a day once uploaded by the server.

We greatly appreciate your commitment and promoting the integrity of Domination servers and I will reward you personally for your efforts if we deem it fairly.  1000+ credits per convicted and successful report (credit rewards may vary depending on severity of the incident). For the time being I will be using my personal credits until I find a more appropriate reward. 

If your mate helped you out making a report, list his name and steam Id in your report Just add 
"My Report Buddy: Name/SteamId" and you will both get 500 credits for encouraging more people to use the report system. 
(You can only use  "My Report Buddy" once in your ban request but you can be infinity used as a referral by unique players) 

very helpful thanks sir
[Image: 0D9MFYI.png]
Introduced "MY REPORT BUDDY SYSTEM" Read above for details and reward system
Unsure about instructions. Penis got caught in fan
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