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Howlze ( | Ban Request
Name: Howlze

SteamID or Discord ID:

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Time of incident: 29/04/2021 12:00AM

Reason for the ban: Major dud always free kills me when he gets the chance this time I downloaded recording software always freewounds too major troller and liar to staff just complete waste of time.


Michael Wombat you're a confirmed brainlet. I don't freekill you often either, please stop insulting the staff team's intelligence by lying to their face.
Nice Howlze insulting someone when you get caught for being a dud? Real pro man. You are the biggest freekiller I know on this server and you get away with it because your a little sneaky rat. The staff team do a great job where and when did I insult them? ahhh another lie.
Alright, there are several things about this specific situation that must be considered before I explain to you why they weren't slayed:
          - You left the game preemptively because a smoke had been thrown during the game
          - The CT's misinterpreted the situation and thought you had thrown the smoke and had run out before the smoke had gone off
          - The order was to stay off of the dodgeball ramp

Upon analysing the situation I believed that the decision to kill you was unfair as you were only trying to avoid the smoke that had been thrown, so I ressed you. Another CT (h0wlze) thought he had understood the situation better than I had so he re-killed you. I understood that this situation may be confusing from the CT's perspective so I ressed you again and gac'd the explanation for your resurrection.

If any of the CT's had of killed you after I provided my reasoning they'd have been slayed. In the video you were freewounded afterwards, I did heal you but I did not slap h0wlze for an appropriate amount of damage and I apologise for that mistake.

Therefore, considering the confusion involved in this situation this ban request is DENIED.

However, if you do have more evidence that would support your claim of h0wlze freekilling please make another ban request with said evidence.


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