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2x Freeslays from Zithic
Admins name : Zithic

Time of incident : 20:55 - 21:01

Evidence :

Details of the incident : 

First slay was unwitnessed and unquestioned for "gunroom camping" when I was trying to get guns from the shitty gunroom on Maximum_v4. Button wasn't working and it took me nearly 20 seconds to get a gun. In this time a T broke through into the gunroom and rushed me. I explained in voice chat why I was still in there and why I killed him and was slayed without question.

Second slay was for killing Zithtic for rebelling. He chose Deagle toss for every other CT who was alive, then yelled "attempt" at me without initiating LR. He then shot at me so i killed him for rebelling. 

Usually Zithic is a pretty sound voice of reason but I think he may have had a stressful day, or something in his personal life is affecting his ability to admin.

I don't really care what happens, I thought I would bring it to your attention as this does not set a good example for the server, especially the last example.
Okay so the first clip we have had a lot of issues with the maxi gunroom and this specific situation. When possible try to get out of gunroom before killing the Ts but in this situation i can see you had no other choice due to the buttons being fuckey which is quite common. I've spoken to zithic about this situation in the future and advised he needs to ask you why you were still there.

The second clip was 100% your fault. Whilst zithic didnt explain himself as clearly - he did say he did a deagle toss with smucc and smucc lost and then LR'd and to get the round over with he said to do everyone for a mass deagle toss. every other single CT complied except you, you didnt move. He then gave you a chance to move and attempt. You still didnt move and attempt and then he gave you a warning shot. He wasnt rebelling after LRing he was doing a mass deagle toss LR and had already beaten the CT he had LR'd with. He should of just Juan Deaged you in the head tbh.

Hope this give mores context.


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