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smucc (STEAM_1:1:146780725) | Unban Request
Name: smucc

SteamID or Discord ID: STEAM_1:1:146780725

Type of Ban: CTBan

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Why were you banned?: CT Smoke

Why should you be unbanned?: Not asking for an unban, more just a reduction. original ban was 3 days, now upped to five so it would be nice to go back to 3.

I know exactly what I did and I also expected to get banned. I'm not saying I was wrongly banned.

I understand procedure and all but to say I deserve a higher amount because I wouldn't have learnt since my last ban is a bit too much. it has been ~5 and a half months since my last ban, in that time I got trusted, had it for a month, got staff and resigned after another 2 months leaving at least 3 months of great behaviour on the server.

99% of my playtime is on CT or waiting to join nowadays so I would much appreciate a 2 day reduction which would be a standard 1st offence ct smoke.

yeah by standard procedure it should be reduced but considering the following, you not only ct smoked 3 CTs, but also caused havoc whilst a mic check was being conducted as well. You also have been staff and do know better to not throw smokes like that. 

As procedure is just a guideline we felt it best to bump up your ban a few days because of the following:

You interfered with a staff mic check by talking over him and also CT smoking people with the intent of just being a pain in the ass.

You Also are ex staff and should know better.

You smoked 3 CTs causing them to die during the mic check.

Hopefully now you can realise why you were banned for longer.


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