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dotx worshipper 45 (76561198272700978) | Unban Request
Name: dotx worshipper 45

SteamID or Discord ID: 76561198272700978

Type of Ban: CTBan

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Why were you banned?: Opening cells early and being a dud

Why should you be unbanned?: I believe that I should be unbanned as I have been banned for almost a month now and have very much learnt my lesson. I also believe that going from a 2 week to a 2 month ban is quite harsh and would request my ban be at least reduced to a 1 month ban. This past month has truly humbled me and I promise from the very bottom of my heart that I wont allow myself to be ct banned again and hope to continue to bring the love and joy that I have lost since my ct ban and continue to make Domination Servers Jailbreak the wonder it is

Your ban is only one month so according to you a month should just be enough time for you to learn to stop breaking the rules.

The jump from 2 weeks to one month in your bans is due to your previous 5 ct bans and any further bans will end up being a permanent ct ban.

Wait out the ban and take this time in looking over the rules:
~admin law aint about likeability its about equality baby~
- Mannnggg (?tid=1425)


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