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Gagged without reason.
I thought I got freekilled so I told Badank in admin chat and he didn't agree so I told him one more time and he gagged me for no reason.

So you mean to tell me, you walked into vent cell then walked back out and complained about it. Then continued to complain after I told you what you did and why you were killed, that's why you were gagged 
Have a nice day x
(27-03-2021, 11:11 AM)Badank Badang Wrote: wow admin abuse, hes making this shit up
do i look like dababy
I'm making it up? Ok, I'm sure one of our lovely operators would like to check the logs and even the demo
I watched the demo, it's clear to me that you are lying. You jump out of your cell, rush into the vent and die. Making false claims in admin chat takes the staff attention from watching the server, to investigating into your bullshit claims. On top of that, creating complaints that you know are false and lying on them is a big waste of time for the higherups who have to look into it. The TWO minute tgag was warranted as you lied in admin chat, you were then asked to stop but you continued.

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