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cri is free (STEAM_1:0:42341701) | Unban Request
Name: cri is free

SteamID or Discord ID: STEAM_1:0:42341701

Type of Ban: CTBan

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Why were you banned?: I was banned by the automatic ban evading system PANEL after playing on my other account. The only thing I can think of for why I tried to join CT is that I spammed space at the start of a map and set off a red flag.

Why should you be unbanned?: I first played on my other account on the 11/2/2021 to avoid my global mute so almost a week before my CT ban was issued.

This was my first CT ban since I joined the server about 9 months ago. I played on my other account not to avoid the CT ban but so I could play T side without the global mute which I have on my main (I think I got it from being mass reported on this server, impossible to know for sure though).

I'm no angel but I've had a few people, a couple of admins included, who were surprised about the auto mute for what that's worth.

I've only had 1 short CT ban in 600+ hours spent on the server so I hope that counts for something (even though ban evading would obviously discount that, which I wasn't trying to do). I honestly was not trying to evade a 3 day CT ban.

Hopefully this wasn't too long and thanks for reading.

Hi Cri is free, You have been unbanned on both accounts - I would say in future be careful with what account you play on - I also unbanned the new account as im assuming thats the one you will be wanting to play on for the future due to no community mute.

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