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100 gecs type beat ( | Ban Request
Name: 100 gecs type beat

SteamID or Discord ID:

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Time of incident: 10:20 21/02/2021

Reason for the ban: he is a abusive admin

Evidence: i joined ct when it wasnt stack then he decides to slay and swap me then joins ct so he can be ct but i cant. and he is also very harrasive and not friendly. he always abuse powers to benefit himself and freeslays

hey buddy, I don't remember this situation and considering you didn't provide evidence imma answer best I can.
This probably happened because of one of two things:

I either asked if you had a microphone and you told me you didn't have one; which in accordance with the rules allows me to swap you off for another player who has a mic and is willing which would of been me.
or you didn't respond and seeing your activity over the past few rounds having you not use your mic at all, would of swapped you off.

I don't see any other reason as to why I would have swapped you off, but then again these answers are a presumption, you could have done something that warranted a slay and swap.

Addressing the free slay claim: if I do slay someone who was in the right or was incorrectly slain, I respawn them and apologise as well as slaying myself the next round. other than that, if someone is slayed by me it is for a reason.

edit: I took the time to figure out the demo and review it.
The time you set was when you posted the report, not when the incident occurred. I found the time of incident and you were in fact stacking and I swiftly swapped you off.

To add to this, Ozai, one of our dear trusted, has made a very intuitive video detailing this incident and how to correctly identify the CT to T ratio:
u do know what im talking about u monkey
if you have any further issues please refer to the staff complaint forum for situations like yours 
or head to the discord channel to further report your issue. 

regards gean

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