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elf melk (STEAM_1:0:146755690) | Ban Request
Name: elf melk

SteamID or Discord ID: STEAM_1:0:146755690

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Time of incident: 7-9pm~ 21/02/2021 nzt

Reason for the ban: freekill + lying to admins about freekill
timeline of events in video 1.14 is where the incident starts no need to watch prior to this
1.17 elf melk says guncheck starting now no moving jumping or crouching the time in game is 5.25
1.37 the in game timer is now 5.05 and I inform elf melk the guncheck is over as it has been 20 seconds and it was never paused and yet he still kills me?
anyway after this i typed in admin chat informing the online admin of the situation (whale) and he was not paying attention at the time of the incident and was as a result only able to ask what had happen to which elf melk told whale that he had paused the gun check in doing so lying to an admin.


vent cell hyphen spray
Hi Craigy,
After watching the clip and the conversation I had with Elf Melk at the time of the incident, I believe Elf Melk didn't have any malicious intentions with the freekill and was either confused or forget to pause the guncheck/recall the time of it starting. This would usually result in a slay/res but I was unable to determine what happened at the time. Therefore this ban request is denied


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