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divine (STEAM_0:1:241865413) | Unban Request
Name: divine

SteamID or Discord ID: divine#4878

Type of Ban: Discord

Which Server?: Jailbreak #2

Why were you banned?: leaking a folder containing several map secrets

Why should you be unbanned?: I believe that I have learnt my lesson. It's been more then a year since I was banned for leaking this folder and have since then reflected upon my actions. I've been unbanned from the main server (Cleanslate2020), and so I wanted to use the discord too as I want to be apart of the community further. Although I do act like a shit cunt while playing most of the time.

Why do trolls always write these retardedly long appeals? Anyways, let's break this down nice and easy.

Thanks for clipping out the rest of what I said on Discord there, if you aren't even capable of providing unbiased evidence, then you've already done yourself over. You were informed by multiple staff to stop being a troll on the server, you are always too close to the T's, blatantly baiting when you don't get to warden, you are incredibly nazi and get as many freekills in as you can get away with. I like much of the staff team am sick to death of having to deal with your bullshit. 

I will admit it was handled poorly, in that you weren't banned a long time ago for this shit, clean your act up or don't come back; you're an ex-staff member who has a distinct knowledge of the rules and you know full well that you're walking the line with as many of them as possible. If you come back after the week and haven't fixed your act, I'll have no problem re-instating the ban with a much harsher period.

Stop shit posting howlze
(14-01-2021, 10:52 AM)KAIJU Wrote: Stop shit posting howlze

hahaha yea fuck of Howard

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