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XxAddison._.QueenxX (VL Turbo#8144) | Unban Request
Name: XxAddison._.QueenxX

SteamID or Discord ID: VL Turbo#8144

Type of Ban: CTBan

Which Server?: Jailbreak #2

Why were you banned?: It was a little miss understanding im a friendly teenager i never offended anyone and wk always teased me for no reason and I accidentally killed him as a ct and ff was on i forgot about that i got distracted by little brother im sorry what i did and it wont happen ever again i promise i will pay more attention

Why should you be unbanned?: I accidentally killed my teammate as ct i regret what i did and im sorry please forgive me also i dont know why i got banned for offence i never offended anyone

you started to have a cry then decided to team kill me
Δ                                                            Δ

I spoke to the admin who banned you and it's clear to me that you killed him with intention. The CT ban is only 3 days so you can wait it out and learn your lesson.

~admin law aint about likeability its about equality baby~
- Mannnggg (?tid=1425)


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