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nebla STARVING for a berger (nebula#4268) | Unban Request
Name: nebla STARVING for a berger

SteamID or Discord ID: nebula#4268

Type of Ban: Discord

Which Server?: Discord

Why were you banned?: I got muted around 5 months back for pinging the admins, and overall being a dumbass with the intent to be muted or banned, and once i was muted by turtle i continued to talk in admin chat until i was banned.

Why should you be unbanned?: I fully regret these actions now as it has made me unable to communicate with a lot of people I know on the discord. I wasn't thinking at the time and I have since learnt my lesson, and if I get unbanned I will make sure to abide by the server rules in the future. thanks for your time

[Image: stupid_rat.jpg]

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