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jim. (jim.#5321) | Unban Request
Name: jim.

SteamID or Discord ID: jim.#5321

Type of Ban: Discord

Which Server?: Discord

Why were you banned?: A while ago, I had been banned for making a map special power Discord and had been banned by dugglez (before clean slate).
I think I may of said some shit about admins over my perm ban and got muted, which led to a ban because of the fact I may of argued with admins in that mute appeals channel. I think it's been a year now so some things might be inaccurate because I've completely forgotten.

Why should you be unbanned?: After clean slate, I've been getting back into DS and would like to communicate with other members of the community. I realise that my actions were immature and extremely stupid and I understand if this appeal is denied. I apologise for my immaturity dealing with the situation and I would like to regain my trust within this community after rejoining after a year. Thanks.

Theres no one banned with the username jim.#5321.
(24-11-2020, 03:49 PM)Anthonyy Wrote: Theres no one banned with the username jim.#5321.

i just changed my tag because i thought this wasnt gonna be read. i changed it back check now

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