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Making Sprays and Memes ✯
More like deandre got mod and so stopped kissing ass
Hey guys,

Finally came back to doing sprays, I've made one for Grape to start season 2.
[Image: bVrRhF3.png]

Going to do Daniel, Star, SUS and quaddeh next. If you have any suggestions please DM me on discord or reply here.

Edit: Daniel: Hold, Star: No porn.

do a hot pic of samus with my name in it please <3
if your still doing this can u make a pic with an ak-47 under lining the name vice?
Hey a request can you make one with my pfp and my name (CLUBY918)
Deandre. I am writing this review in the hopes that you would use this attention to buy yourself however long it takes for you to learn to read and write coherently. It has just come to My attention that the spray that you have created for me is complete and utter DogShit and a complete pothole for my reputation. How DARE you SLANDER my name like this. Utterly unbelievable how could someone who considers themselves a pillar of this community go out of his way to push someone down as far as you have for myself and many others along your way to the tippy top of the DS social hierarchy.
You need to dig yourself a hole along the side of an Indian street and sit in there and rethink every waking moment of your life that has led you to the current cesspit that must be your mental state to do this to a fellow comrade. I hope that in the time it takes for that hole to fill up with the remnants of curry and poor cricketing skills you are able to acknowledge how scummy you have been to do this. I hope that this is a slow and painful process.

TLDR: you miss-spelled my spray you dumb cunt Fix PLZ <3
I’m sorry jas that had to happen to you deandre should learn better instead of making more boost
Hello Jas8261,

I understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience. I have noted to myself in the past that majority of my efforts were not spent well on your project, this was because of the attention-to-detail given to the spray of the cat. My attention at the time was spread around the other requests from players in the community. Thank you for understanding.

I have met your demands and have renovated your existing spray to meet my current skill level. A transparent version will be forwarded to you on discord as well as a non-compressed version of the image.

[Image: nAvxndi.png]

Thank you for your concern and I hope you enjoy.
Kind Regards, DeAndre.

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