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Making Sprays and Memes ✯
[Image: 2EYwTqO.png]


To give back to the community of Domination Servers I have decided to create sprays and memes for the people of the server. I get entertainment out of creating projects like this for you, and am only really limited by your imagination.

I encourage other members of the community to create their own ideas and develop towards the community forums, that have been quiet recently. Full of admin applications and unban applications, where is the creativity, lads?

Mediocre in programs like;
  • Premiere Pro
  • Photoshop
Few things I have done in the past;

  [Image: ipIXBWj.gif] [Image: 5uwkThf.png] [Image: BdMlVBF.png]

Here is my Youtube Channel posted some related memes on there. Link ( sub pls )
Start Your Project!

To begin me working on your idea;
Just reply to this thread with what you would like done with any related images as inspiration or added too your project.

This is probably where I will add projects that have been completed.
meme me in a meme made out of memes

[Image: 249Xu5K.png]

I can change the colours to anything you want font eyes, any other ideas just let me know and I can do it. Just something I thought of the top of my head. ( got mix up with jester for some reason )
Let your imagination run free but have one that has the words "Cheng Lou" in it. Thanks <3
Could you please make a furry themed one for shane thanks
I might make some new different versions of these sprays, just thought these were pretty funny.

[Image: hEt1k0m.png]

[Image: Knt9Cld.png]
Yo i need something to start throwin my name around everywhere. Go with whatever you feel best personifies me.
Hey guys,

Here are some sprays I made for you regarding your suggestions.


Sorry about the low-quality picture, I'm sure its fine. The motive is more of you being an admin on the server. I think its cool

[Image: aTbjgNw.png]

[Image: aTfkw0t.png]
Thanks DeAndre, it looks mad
(07-10-2018, 09:06 PM)Anthony Wrote: Thanks DeAndre, it looks mad


Just another spray made for Jas;

[Image: 6lyoUfX.png]

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