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Flutzu and jim. (flutzu is
Name: Flutzu and jim.

SteamID or Discord ID: flutzu is and jim is

Which Server?: Jailbreak #2

Time of incident: 8:12pm 19th of November

Reason for the ban: Both of them massied.

Evidence: go to jailberd venice demo.


read it lazy shithead, its pinned when u make these. nobody is watching a 45 minute demo without even an approximate round, unless that person is someone like pods.
Massied in cells, intention to give colorfuls lr.
Flutzu was also mic spamming as a ct.

Flutzu has been CT banned, do you reckon you could grab a clip of that same round but with Jim unblocked? Can't confirm exactly who it is with the default names.
Send me the clip VIA discord if you'd like.

Yoshi please provide evidence next time or I will have to deny it straight away, thanks.

~admin law aint about likeability its about equality baby~
- Mannnggg (?tid=1425)


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