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the the cat, luigiula,camera and Taichung (-) | Ban Request
Name: the the cat, luigiula,camera and Taichung

SteamID or Discord ID: -

Which Server?: Jailbreak #2

Time of incident: 7:40 pm

Reason for the ban: ID
Ct smoking, freekilling giving no orders and killing me when i rebel, continuously 9k not opening cells
especially the cat he has free killed the most and delaying everyone round.

Evidence: 7:40 17/11/2020


Thanks for the report mate couple issues though.
  1. Supplying your own evidence would speed up the process and you would get a credit reward.
  2. Supplying A map and round would help us greatly as I went through 3 demos - even though I'm not meant to.
  3. After finally finding the demo there wasn't anything ban Worthy.
Yes there where free kills, how ever this would be a slay and respawn in game.
Yes there was 9ks but this does not warrant a CTban
Yes they killed you when rebelling - There meant to.
No signs of CT smoking

As I stated above There is nothing to warrant a CTban, I do suggest that you join Server 1 for the moderated experience or mention something in the #emergency-staff-assistance channel of our discord.

This Ban request has been


If there is any issues don't hesitate to contact me on Discord.

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