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howlze (howlze#7074) | Unban Request
Name: howlze

SteamID or Discord ID: howlze#7074

Type of Ban: Discord

Which Server?: Discord

Why were you banned?: No specified or clearly delineated reason.

Why should you be unbanned?: First and foremost, love the new restricted format. Now you admins don't have to complain about people "not using the correct format." Imagine if you guys implemented this feature at the beginning.

1. Wasn't actively using Discord at the time. Fairly certain that Discord bans are supposed to involve Discord-related violations.

2. Turtle (I'm assuming it was Turtle who initiated my discord ban, since he was responsible for my permanent ban from servers for reason "ok") cannot accurately recall information related to this ban. All I have received as closure is a "cheating/dox" justification, both of which are false under context. Especially the doxxing part.

Don't really understand the motive behind that, or is "doxxing" just a default justification for an unfair ban? Dissemination of relevant information in regard to those doxxing allegations would be wonderful (or just message me privately).

3. It's been approximately 17 months since my Discord ban.

4. There were no previous instances of me breaking the rules in Discord, so an instant ban for seemingly no reason seems unwarranted.

Really don't care to slobber on any undersized Admin penis right now, so let's work together to ensure a quick resolution, okay?

edit: oh, now I get it. Don't have to confirm appeals if you ignore them instead. What's the wait for? It's a simple resolution.

mmmmm yeah i shitted
I love the attitude
(10-11-2020, 12:05 PM)quaddeh Wrote: mmmmm yeah i shitted

Tuck your shirt in.
so entitled, pretty sure you're supposed to be on the blacklist of "people to never be unbanned"
(11-11-2020, 02:34 PM)Turtle Wrote: so entitled, pretty sure you're supposed to be on the blacklist of "people to never be unbanned"

Hahahaha seriously? For what, calling you a virgin? Funny thing is that you're still salty about that after over a year lmao. The only reason I could be on this blacklist is for the shit you made up about me!

Oh yeah, while you're here... you gonna give me some evidence of me doxxing? That would be great, cheers brother.
Denied, re-apply in 2 weeks.

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