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ONIONZZZ egregious admin abuse
Admins name : ONIONZZZ

Time of incident : ~7PM AEST/ 8PM AEDST

Evidence :

Details of the incident : As you can see in the evidence, I was prevented from finishing obby on sunset due to getting "flipped" and snow balled to blind me. You cannot see in the first part of the recording but the snowballs do actually blind you for a few seconds, and I was subjected to multiple snowballs per second. 
This is clearly a targeted attack on me, and it is very disappointing behaviour, as I would love to play jailbreak like a normal person - this is one of the reasons I left staff. I do believe this is SPITEFUL behaviour, because of me and ONIONZZZ' history, and not CORDIAL behaviour. 
I would love to play the server without fear of being randomly targeted and abused by staff member, but clearly this will not be the case. If ONIONZZZ is clear to abuse me, this will send a message to the newer moderators that this type of thing is OK. I have already been muted and slayed for no reason, and it is just getting worse. If I wanted to play jailbreak with GMOD level staff, I would go play GMOD.
+1 I was ctbanned by Onionz for opening cells on CT when I cannot even join ct due to already being ctbanned.... Top Abuser
Weird bug,


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